Lily Holloway


overcast purples gravel corduroy overalls lavender bloody shins train 

reverberations chunky space heater seeds you can pop

marmalade roses bee sting hiding wolf spiders in door frames receipts under the

stairs hiding in cupboards lights flashing net curtains picking cream paint flakes 

there are babies puppies arm casts & i play the magic school bus explores 

the solar system pluto sings mr piano man ple-ease tickle those ivory keys too much i pick crumbs out of the gaps in the dinner table with a butter knife the dog eats bottom shelf books how to be a detective learn to remember license plates face types flapping in the chimney again neptunes plink into jupiter ping pong balls pose blueberry pantry doors & ali dances in the kitchen don’t call her gran looking out from silver rim snipping 

dad makes me a po cake dad makes me a scooby doo cake dad makes me a bart simpson cake dad makes a cake shaped like a lorry gummy worms in boot 

it’s the supper-time dance move your boom boom & animals one by one bathtime 

fence boy slips cuts chin on corrugated & out of sight willowbank birthdays 

feed eels from plastic straws pottle meat staple thumb curious

mum clasps handkerchief of scattered petals blue trim olive vdub shakes blackcurrant fizz on hello kitty satchel over takaka hill buddy holly sings go out and find yourself a brown eyed handsome man dad’s icy blues only cry reading about red poppies in airports & when i hide under the table peeking doilies at people picking una’s shelves new doll clothes mum’s been away & coming home now bundle tumble new brighton sand dunes library bags where’s wally there is oma burning bread in beach wind for finger vegemite 

dress in her old velvet pants white drink bottle prize telling estuary needles 

crumbed mushrooms corner fishnchips where 

swallows skim curls 

it’s a tattoo parlour 


This poem was originally published in Mayhem and was also a part of an exhibition at the 2019 NZ Young Writers Festival.

Republished by Lily on 04 May 2020.