Lily Holloway

The Thing

in the suburbs

an unplugged freezer

[someone’s been in]

over the dishes

she falls

tries to read the cereal box

[but it swims]

light on the harbour

and a sound of cicadas

concussions without impact


a miniaturised headquarters

view the facade from the balcony

cigarettes in the ashtray

someone has poisoned the dog

seismic wave

through the walls

lobbed like tennis balls

all you can do

is get off the X

immaculate concussion

[empty watch stations]

a mysterious water pump

& microwave


a focus of energy

like burning ants

dissolving fibres

around nerves

bubbling arterial blood

a child in that alcove

or just an old cold lingering?

This poem was originally published in Milly, Spring 2020.

Republished by Lily on 04 Jun 2020.