Lily Holloway

i think i can feel reverberations of something further downstream

i am worried things will never be okay

because i slept all day

i woke wondering why i could hear the sea and thought maybe

the very tops of the trees were moving in the wind

just the very tops

but it was your laptop overheating

in the night i pull a fragile train behind me

a blanket trailing in earth

not like how illegally released koi

are dragged over the rocks

because they are ornamental and inedible

on their way to be put into the meat grinder on the back of a flatbed truck

i dream i am scooby doo from the original 60s version

in the supermarket of the afterlife where everything is free

and each drink is exactly what you needed

but didn’t know you needed

where you shoot rusted clockwork birds moving on rails around the castle walls

only to have them pop up again

a toaster is passed over my head and i tell my sister

to make her own ekphrastic postcards

and that koi skulls are sensitive to vibrations

they feel fingertips or bootlaces falling into the river

and flee in an orange rushing that you have to see to believe

like fanta

This poem was originally published in Milly, Spring 2020.

Republished by Lily on 04 Jun 2020.