Lily Holloway

rimu road

those fish in the stream by the coastlands laundromat

are sleek bodies swept grass-like

they run under the subway in the mall

flicker sunwards

billboards with the flesh pushed or

out-slotted roadside onlook

a market in the paddock two months ago

politicians under bracken

cows huddled in a mass of five

there’s a goldfinch perched on the thistle

raspberry and slinking grass pressing

up against the paddock fence

and it bulges

and in the shed over the fence

jointed grass knocks out at the windows from the inside

splayed like fingers

knocking in nighttime wind

and it bulges

wild hawkweed disembowels one of those green electric boxes

I had a dream that gorse was something different

This poem was published with Poetry Lab Shanghai for their Summer ‘20 Issue, where you can also find it translated into Chinese.

Republished by Lily on 03 Jul 2020.