Lily Holloway

una planted a garden

hide under tables

clutch matriarch calves

within temple of vine and moss

fossilised maze witches

catch pond frogs

kererū coo

not hushed

she would have laughed

shakes of soft mulch

on mānuka kānuka kauri

on berloddy Tāne Mahuta!

threads of sunlight descend

pre-burial in purple

rotted bench planks

weeds colonising

pīwakawaka flirt

lilting bough to bough

hop semiquavers

wink of tail is an eyelash flutter

eyes glinting over a mother’s shoulder

Puck of the bush



peeking cloud

catch her trap crepuscular

snatch insect wings

silhouetted insomniac dawn

swooping seeking


stirred up by our shoes

This poem recieved Highly Commended in the 2019 Divine Muses New Voices - Emerging Poets Competition.

Judge’s comments:

una planted a garden […] dances in its evocation of a rich, fertile, bursting space that brims with life. The experimentation with form immediately intrigued me, with squat mirroring stanzas, almost like a call and response, reflecting the choric notes of the birds flitting throughout. This was an accomplished, primal, vital, buzzing poem that I thoroughly enjoyed.”

This poem was originally published in The Three Lamps.

Republished by Lily on 04 May 2020.